All of my published books are listed here, along with some of their main tropes and kinks. Enjoy!

New Release‚Äč

Gift for a Demon

Pairing: MM
Core kinks: watersports + fear play
Tropes: demon/human | size difference | dark fluff

Let’s start things off with all that good WLW material

Sapphic backlist

Mistress: Found

Pairing: FF
Core kinks: needle play + TPE
Tropes: hurt/comfort | self-discovery | found family

Dote on Them

Pairing: FFFF
Core kinks: humiliation play + age play
Tropes: second chance | roommates to lovers | new adult

Rub on Her

Pairing: FFF
Core kinks: puppy play + rubber
Tropes: found family | kink exploration | hurt/comfort

Now, we can’t forget about our men here, can we?

Gay backlist

Wrestling with Daddy

Pairing: MM
Core kinks: puppy play + discipline
Tropes: hurt/comfort | online relationship | age gap

Break for Them

Pairing: MMM
Core kinks: sadomasochism + Daddy kink
Tropes: best friends to lovers | enemies to lovers | found family

Look at Him

Pairing: MM
Core kinks: voyeurism
Tropes: mental health | found family | new adult