Emily Alter is the LGBTQ+ author to look out for when you’re in search of books that are both queer and kinky.

Here, all characters get their happy ending. It just happens that for them, happy endings usually entail some negotiated power dynamics.


I’ve always been a voracious reader. As I grew up, I became a voracious writer. Now, I know where I fit in as an author.

My journey as an author goes hand in hand with my journey as a person. I am queer, polyamorous, kinky, and I have been involved in activist circles for… forever, really. I’m also a bit of a (privileged) nerd, with two Master’s degrees, one in Social Psychology, and a second one in Clinical Sexology and Couples’ Therapy.

As much as I tried to write for a more mainstream audience, it’s just not me. My books need to be (realistically) kinky, unapologetically queer, and they need to have a dash of social justice. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

I’m afraid it’s a take it or leave kind of scenario.

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