About Emily​

Learn more about me, and then learn about all the ways you can reach out to me and support me in through (amazing) journey!

My Story​

Just for the record, I’m pushing myself to do this (writing “My story”), but I have no idea how to go about this.

I started writing when I was a kid and I’d steal my mother’s (very old) laptop—or she’d give it to me to keep me entertained. You know, one of those that had little more than a word processor. I think the first things I wrote there were tiny fanfics about Xena: The Warrior Princess. I was obsessed with that show at the time, before I knew what fandom was, or anything else about myself.

Flash forward to the summer of 2017. World Pride was hosted in Madrid (Spain), and I took the leap to attend. It was my first pride event, and so life changing, honestly. When I went, I had this manuscript that I’d been tinkering with for what felt like years. Once I was there, though, I got so overwhelmed and filled with a sense of… community, and invincibility almost, I bunkered in my cheap hostel room, and I hit publish.

That book is now unpublished, and there are many things I would’ve done differently, but it is what kickstarted the journey I am in now, and for that, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Personal Life​

Most of my writing was born out of pettiness and the need to see myself represented in the media, to be honest.

In this scenario, people like me means queer kinksters who lean toward polyamorous dynamics half of the time. It also means people who aren’t scared to tackle social justice issues, and/or who struggle with mental health issues.

You could say it’s the activist in me, but it’s also my academic side taking over. After studying Psychology, specializing in Social Psychology, and one year later in Clinical Sexology, who can blame me?


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The QueerLit Zone

Did I create this Facebook Group out of spite? I absolutely did. But it’s also the best place to get mixed queer visibility, and some looks behind the scenes too!

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I admit I don’t post enough, but you can see some InstaStories, and I do share all the books I’ve read at the end of the month there (because we all know your TBR needs more books)

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