Héctor enjoys his clothes, his subscription to adult websites, and fostering puppies with questionable names.

Mario enjoys animals, video games, and the dream of a life where he doesn’t have all this shit to work through.

Their situations aren’t ideal, but one look at him, and Héctor knows he’s just not letting go.

Look at Him includes: painful first encounters, voyeurism, kink exploration, impact play (on other people), hot-tempered people who need to work on their issues, people pleasers who can’t prove their friends wrong, worried roommates, and negotiations.

Sama has three things he truly enjoys in life: the kinky club he owns, the cam shows he streams, and his best friend slash bodyguard. Not necessarily in that order.

Blas is the club’s bouncer, and the hunk who gives Sama everything he wants when the camera is on. He’s also hopelessly in love with his friend.

Aníbal doesn’t understand their dynamic, but he understands sadism and he knows he has what it takes to satisfy Sama’s more masochistic needs.

It seems impossible for Blas and Aníbal not to clash at every turn, especially when the future of the club Sama and Blas have put everything into is in danger. There’s one topic they agree on, though, and that’s Sama—the boy who wants nothing but to break for them.

Break for Them includes: sounding, figging, heavier impact play, sex workers, best friends who don’t see what’s in front of them, friends who don’t understand what took them so long, and sadists who have never known community and don’t know what to do with it.